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We design spaces in which to feel good. An apartment, a house, a space for celebrating, working, resting, or playing all must be a reflection of ourselves in that best of times. At OUTinDesign, we take clients on an inspirational design journey. Along the way, we find that place in time where elements of our surroundings were a touchstone to our soul. Together, we collaborate to envision, then conceive a space that is the vision of that touchstone.

During the design journey, we interpret and evaluate a clients needs. We then develop a customized home essence palette composed of appropriate styles and colors. We subsequently ideate, sketching our ideas, then consult with the client before presenting an initial Look Book that serves as the design platform upon which we create, then realize, the space. In tandem with the client, the design journey continues with OUTinDesign managing the process of hiring contractors to deliver a finished home or commercial space that reflects the essence of that initial vision so integral to making the notion of place so much more than just space.